Hello visitor! Whatever it may be that brought you here, thanks for your interest. This little website is my humble answer to the need for every modern day “creative” to have some kind of professional-looking online presence. Since I have never really been able to decide exactly what I am, let me try to lay down what I would consider to be my areas of knowledge/expertise/interest/hobby/inspiration:

  • video (concepting/storyboarding/production/editing)

  • music (writing/performance/production/djing/reviewing/sonic branding)

  • design (concepting/graphic/fashion/product/etc..)

  • fabrication (wood, metal, etc.)

  • as well as a healthy dose of problem solving, creative writing, project management, branding, and entrepreneurship

What does this all mean? Well it is what you make of it.

It currently manifests itself in the role of Content Studio Manager at Havas Tokyo.

I help clients turn their brand, products, and services into authentic stories that capture the eyes and [we hope] hearts of their target audiences. We produce content (video, audio, photographic, graphic) for social media, native media, ad media and events. If this is the kind of stuff you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Outside of work I am trying to educate myself in fashion design and ecommerce so that I can start up my own brand within the next few years. That’s the dream, at least for now!

Have an idea? Want to discuss? Message through the contact form (click here) or email me at joseph{dot}gummer@gmail{dot}com