MUSIC // American Symphony of Soul //

The American Symphony of Soul started with a bunch of friends from the Tufts University Jazz Orchestra. We decided to branch out of our jazz/latin/big band regime and start covering some of our favorite old funk tunes. We won first place at Tufts Battle of the Bands 2011, which secured us a spot opening for The Roots at the annual Spring Fling.

The following year we began reaching out to venues for shows and events and officially became a part of the local Boston music scene. Our music was met with much enthusiasm and the gigs become more and more frequent. We compiled a repertoire of covers in addition to several originals that I personally helped contribute to writing. In the spring of 2012 we recorded our first EP on campus with the help of some sounds guys at the University radio station WMFO, and while it wasn't the best quality mix, it was still something to call our own.

While sadly I moved away from Boston in the fall of 2012, the American Symphony of Soul is still going strong with several new members and a new professionally recorded 3-track EP entitled Swept Up. Check out the webpage and facebook page here!


Tracks from the 2012 EP

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