Assorted works and projects created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign


Startup Weekend Tokyo 2015 // logo + presentation + video design

Skytaxi started as an idea to create the "über for helicopters". Or maybe it was the Lyft for helicopters... regardless the idea was based around that fact that most privately owned helicopters are not in use 98% percent of the time and owners could easily capitalize on this idle time by joining Skytaxi. The Skytaxi service would allow individuals to book helicopter trips and schedule the trip with the helicopters and pilots that were available to fly at the specific time of the reservation. 

I acted at the designer for this project and worked alongside a talented programmer to build a prototype webpage where customers could book their next helicopter trip. I also put together a small marketing video for our final presentation at the end of the weekend. 

The landing page for, which was conceived at Tokyo International Startup Weekend 2015 in cooperation with Brian Schwind.


Startup Weekend Tokyo 2014 // logo + presentation deck and design

WIZPIRE was born of the idea that "the crowd" always knows better. Ideally this was supposed to take the form of a web app that would allow users to submit ideas or questions with the goal of having mass input from anyone across the world. Essentially we wanted to crowdsource knowledge, and create a system where people could give their own input on queries and rate and comment on the input of others – essentially creating a gigantic brainstorming platform. We dubbed this new concept "crowdstorming" and ran a few successful tests to prove our theory.

As a group we built a prototype of the web app, where answers could be up-voted or down-voted (ala Reddit), in order to establish the best answers, and thereby award points to the most reputable contributors and establish their star ranking. These reputable contributors would then have the chance at being monetarily rewarded if their answers were chosen by companies who had submitted questions to help them answer business-related issues. (The monetization part of the app was obviously not completed ironed out) 


Personal Logo //

The concept itself was simple enough, design a logo that establishes my personal "brand". Taking my own initials J, A, and G, I formed them together into a single shape. I knew that I wanted to create something sharp and decided to use only straight lines as well as 45-degree and right angles for that very purpose. The resulting design came out looking like some kind of archaic bird cave-wall drawing, but I like the balance and the way the letters ended up fitting together. I might play around with the weight of the lines, or the length of the J's top bar in the future, but for now I like this simplicity. 



Work and projects completed for my current internship at the Green Parking Council, an organization dedicated to the future of the urban environment, specifically the evolution of parking as a public space. 

Projects to date:

  • 2012 NYC Innovation Acceleration Salon PDF Booklet

  • 2012 NYC Innovation Acceleration Salon Webpage

  • 2014 Trade Booth Graphic Design