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As the digital landscape changes so does the way to share music. As I’m not putting any media budget into the daily posts I was doing on facebook and twitter and this is mostly just for friends, family… (who am I kidding, it’s mostly for myself), jaggedjamboxx now lives on solely as a public Spotify playlist. I still try to update it every week and hope that you music lovers out there will enjoy what you may discover on it. CLICK HERE to launch jaggedjamboxx 2.0 Spotify playlist

// UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2016 //

I decided to get the jaggedjamboxx tunes back up and running! This time only on Twitter and Facebook however. Check it out and drop me a line if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations!

// UPDATE as of MARCH 2014 //

Unfortunately due to the process under which YouTube operates, I am not notified when the owner to the musical rights of the songs that I post decides to revoke public access to those songs. Instead, YouTube's policy is to directly issue a strike against the "offending" party. Hence without my knowledge, jaggedjamboxx accumulated three strikes and was deleted from YouTube. I have attempted to reach out to YouTube without success. Unfortunately I believe this is the end of jaggedjamboxx for now until I figure out a more suitable platform. Sorry to all my followers and fans, but thank you for your support!

As someone who has always tried to keep up with the music scene and has been collecting albums and tracks since I got my first computer in high school, it felt only natural to start a music blog. People have been coming to me for music recommendations since the beginning of college (when they realized I had a gigantic music library via an illegal internal sharing network one of my classmates setup freshman year) and I pride myself in usually being able to come through with some good suggestions.

I realized that most people weren’t as plugged into the music world as I was, and that they tend to miss MOST of the good stuff by relying solely on mainstream sources. I originally started the blog to reach out to my friends and give them a taste of the music I already had as well as the new tracks I was accumulating everyday. Eventually however, I realized I could reach out to a larger audience (YouTube) and bring the music that I loved to not only my friends, but anyone who was interested.

I had actually attempted to create a music blog via the blogger platform back in 2010 but the difficulty of uploading tracks and the lack of traffic really hindered my motivation to keep it going. In the fall of 2012 I decided that Youtube would actually be a great platform for a music blog because there were already millions of people using Youtube everyday. Additionally, those people would be much more likely to stumble upon my posts than if they were buried on some random blogger page in the depths of the internet.

So here we are, over a year later and things are going great!  To date I’ve posted 175 tracks and I’ve got almost 200 subscribers. While compared to a lot of the channels out there, these numbers are quite small, I see it as a great success considering this was started to simply pass on some of my favorite tracks to my closest friends.

In any case, stop by, take a listen, and maybe even follow the channel if you like what you hear!