A variety of musical projects, creations and performances


jaggedjamboxx is a one-man music blog that I started on YouTube back in 2012. It was conceived with the desire to part from the conventional concept of a "music blog" and become part of a bigger community (youtube) allowing the listener to effortlessly consume each and every sound byte.

The selection focusses mainly on electronic, hip-hop, funk, soul, disco and house grooves that you can dance to, but will also deliver it's fair share of jazz, alternative, and... really whatever else I consider to be "good music".

If you like what you hear, follow the playlist and you'll have the pleasure of being updated with new and tasty tunes every.single.week.


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I got started with producing back in high school when I taught myself how to use the first iterations of Apple's music creation software Garageband. I have been working on and off with sound and music production software since, and look forward to sharing more of my home grown beats and tracks when they are finished. 

Check out my Soundcloud here

The American Symphony of Soul was a band that I was lucky enough to call my own for over a year and a half during the time I was living in Boston. While started on campus at Tufts University, it survived graduation, and even flourished thereafter. 

Opening for The Roots at Tufts University's Spring Fling 2011 set the American Symphony of Soul on the the local radar and over the next year it began building it's reputation around the city and with organizers at local venues.

In the spring of 2012 we recorded our first EP which featured two originals and two covers. Listen to it after the jump.

Check out the American Symphony of Soul online here